Ian (Brim)

Kayaks & Paddles Team Member

Brim has been paddling a long time, he enjoys his paddling in open canoes, sea kayaks, kayaks, sit on top and the SUPs . He will often paddle on local rivers and the sea or anywhere that has water. He has been a BCU Coach for 16 years and paddles with the local  club “PPCA” (Port of Plymouth Canoe Association). He has paddle most of the South West coast line and parts of Scotlands coastlines, he’s even been seen paddling in the MED. He can often be seen delivering our products in our truck to the different shops of the Canoe shop Group.

Ian paddling his Perception Expression 11 down at Looe Ian out in his Sea Kayak

Ian Kayaking on the River Dart Ian out on his Sit On Top Kayak

Ian learning to SUP Ian in his Canoe on the River Dart, Devon

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