Valley Aquanaut Sea Kayak

Sea Kayak From Valley

The Aquanaut is a thoroughly modern all-round sea-kayak, designed to be a little more forgiving than boats like the Nordkapp making it suited to a wider range of paddlers. A contemporary vision of the British–form sea kayak. The Aquanaut is the culmination of over 30 years experience from highly regarded paddlers and instructors. The modern profiles feature reduced bow and stern overhang, a shallower “V’d ” hull and a little more flare above the water line. These design feature help to maintain performance yet increase stability; characteristics that help increase confidence in all paddlers. A fast, comfortable, multi-use sea-kayak suitable for most paddlers.

  • LV = Smaller sized paddlers.
  • Standard = Averaged sized paddlers.
  • HV = Larger sized paddles.

Valley Aquanaut Sea Kayak

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  • 3 Hatches.
  • Deck Lines.
  • Adjustable Backrest.
  • Skeg.
  • Padded Seat & Hip Pads.



  • Length 521cm.
  • Width 54.5cm.
  • Weight 24kg.
  • Load Suitability 50-88.5kg.


  • Length 536cm.
  • Width 54cm.
  • Weight 25kg.
  • Load Suitability 70 - 109kg.


  • Length 538cm.
  • Width 57cm.
  • Weight 26kg.
  • Load Suitability 93 - 132kg.

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