Silva Kayaking Compasses

Silva Canoeing & Kayaking Compasses for sale.

Silva 58F Compass

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SILVA 58 Kayak Compass.

Compass 58 Kayak is a very stabile compass for all types of vehicles and kayaks. The 58 Kayak is a rugged compass for flush mount. The flat bottom plate makes no need for making big holes. The 58 Kayak can either be mounted with screws or the shock cord kit.

Price £37.99

Silva 70P Kayak Compass

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SILVA 70P Compass.

70P is a deck mounted compass. The compact size makes it very easy to install, This compass fits into the recess of the P+H Capella, Scorpio and other Composite Sea kayaks. From vertical to 30° slope mounting.

Price £79.99

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